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Every once in a while we are in that position where something unexpected comes up and it requires cash on hand. This situation is most often quite troubling as we all make monthly financial plans and any additional expenditures are not included in it. This is where payday loans come into play. With payday loans applying for a loan is often really easy, approval is fast and the money is received within hours. The only downside is the relatively higher interest rates. But having to repay on your next payday, the interest doesn't really amount to too much and is fair for having been trusted with money on a short notice. We will compare the payday loan market and aim to connect you with a lender that will provide you with a loan.

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My car finally broke down on my way back from work and I didn't have enough money to pay for the repair. I couldn't wait 2 weeks until I get paid so I applied for a quick loan with Payday Loans by Rainbow. I was amazed at how quickly the approval process went and the money were deposited in my account by one of their lenders. Will use again!

Mary J. Mobley

Customer Service Agent

I had a medical emergency which the insurer wouldn't cover. I needed to resolve this problem fast. That is when I found your page online and applied for a loan. Received a really fast response and got the money in time. Thank you Payday Loans by Rainbow!

Brian R. Collins

Car Mechanic

Thanks to Payday Loans by Rainbow I was able to pay my rent. My landlord was ready to kick me out if I didn't pay and I was short on cash. I applied online and got my money on the same day. I returned the money on my next payday and everything worked out fine.

Paul Rodriguez

Retail Sales Representative

With Payday Loans by Rainbow the application process is so easy and finding a lender is fast too. I needed the cash quickly or I wasn't going to be able to keep a promise to a friend. This site helped me a lot and I'm really thankful for that.

Martha Walker

Fast Food Cashier